long lost brother

monday, when diana and i got back from sandy pines, we finally got to see chad! its been over a year and a half since i last got to see him and i was really excited! see, my brother is in the military and is currently stationed in japan so he hasnt been able to get back since last christmas. a lot of things have happened in the past year and a half (for example: i got married!), so it was really good to see him again and do a little catching up! diana had only met him two other times, so i was happy that he would be able to get to know his sister-in-law a little bit better too. we hung out that afternoon for a bit and got to hear some of his stories about what he has been up to as well. needless to say, he has been pretty busy as well! apparently they keep him busy in the military by sending him to the philippines, austraila, and who knows where else! oh, and he jumps out of planes from time to time... me thinks that he and i have taken vastly different directions with our lives!!! i sure would love some of the adventures he has been on, globetrotting around the world and all, but im quite certain i would rather take my life of teaching and being married to the always beautiful diana, thanks.

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