a night at the pines

when we first arrived in town we went straight out to sandy pines to see the family. that afternoon diana and my mom wanted to go out and enjoy the sunny weather and the beach. as for me? well, i didnt really want to spend my afternoon at the beach in the sweltering heat and humidity. if you know me at all, you know thats just not my thing... so i offered to drive to the house and drop off poco and unpack. just as i had finished lugging in the last of our stuff from the car down to the basement, i got a call from diana. 'um, your sister asked if we would like to spend tonight at their place at sandy pines since they are leaving this afternoon. that sound like fun?' now, i am a smart enough husband to know that when my wife asks me 'does that sound like fun?' what she really means is 'this sounds like fun to me, so we are doing it. asking you is merely a formality'. fortunately for me, it did sound like fun! well, now i get to pack everything back up again, including poco, and bring it back upstairs to the car and head back.
when i got back out there the girls had just gotten back from the beach and diana and i played some cards with mom over dinner. soon after we went over to tim and jill's place and got out stuff unpacked for the night. we went to the little store and got some soda and snacks for the night, went for a little cart ride, and enjoyed the lovely cool night. it was a great time and made us realize that we should get a place out there too! (well, in these little impossible dreams of ours we could actually afford it...)

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Anonymous said...

You are such a SMART husband Markie!!!!!