fence mending

we spent one last long weekend at diana's mom and david's house. i've been working there on and off this summer helping out with redoing the bathrooms and taking care of a bunch of lawn work. this weekend diana and i were planning on going to see them and me working on monday there, but i went up early on saturday to help out with getting their house ready for a big grill out they were having with a bunch of guests. diana was going to join us after she got out of work. i cleaned up a bunch of brush and used the weed wacker to clean up the shoreline. it looked good!
when i was done working, i got to do what i had been wanting to do all summer- i headed in to michawaka and wandered around for a while. it had been a long time since i had last been there. when diana and i were dating i would spend a lot of time in michawaka waiting for her to get out of work. i kind of missed the place, so it was nice to go back! i got to go to the really good used movie store and bargin book store they have there. the wanderings were cut short when i got a call from diana- she was frantic! she thought she lost her wedding ring! turned out to be a false alarm, it was in the laundry in her pants pocket. phew! that evening she came and joined us as we joined the grill out.
sunday we got to just sit back and relax at their house, going on boat rides and the like. monday it was back to work for me! after i finished cleaning out all the bushes and underbrush, david and i made work of rebuilding portions of the fence that had fallen into disrepair. it was a hot and sweaty mess, but it looked great after we were done! of course the girls were living it up care free as they swam in the lake... i didnt mind, it actually felt pretty good to get the last of the landscaping cleared and organized.
monday night we visited diana's dad and got to spend a couple hours chatting with him, which is always a lot of fun! after dinner,diana headed back home but i stuck around for one more day of working. i got as much landscaping done as i could and called it a day. it was really fun to spend some time with diana's mom and david while diana was actually there- what a change of pace! well, i got a lot done and worked really hard. what more can you ask for, right?
(more pics, and a funny video of poco swimming!)

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