another dinner

after dinner with the family, diana, barbara, and i met up with the guys to hang out at fridays. we chilled out with aaron, rex, brains, jeffry lee, freddie, and keith as they all had dinner (the three of us had filled up at our last stop). it was really good to see the guys again and get some plans figured out for the next weekend. after fridays we couldnt think of anything better to do, so we went across the street to applebees for dessert! by around 11:00pm, the guys called it quits so we headed back to mom and papa's house. as the three of us were hanging out in the living room, my brother came down from his room to join us! wha?!? i was really excited that he came down to talk! he stayed and chatted with us until 3:00am. with him being gone so much, it was really great to be able to have some quality time with him and have a chance to hear all about what hes been up to and crack up at all his funny remarks! i sometimes forget what it is like to have a big brother, so its nice to have these times to remind me.

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Captainbananapants said...

If Rex was there I totally blocked him from my memory like a traumatic experience. I had a lot of fun that night, thanks for letting me tag along! It was fun to see you and Chad interact - you're both very different but both cool in your own way, with personalities that fit each of you respectively. In case you were wondering about my take on things. Which I'm sure you were.