cylon signs

one of the best parts of the con is seeing all the nerds get really excited. that is the reason we always try to get brains to come. he is a nerd, and he gets really excited! he is quite particular in what gets him excited. the comics dont do it, the artwork doesnt do it. no, what gets him completely floored is the chance to meet someone from his beloved battlestar galactica! i do not share his enthusiasm for this particular nerd flavor, but i do like to watch him get all blubbery when he gets to talk to the actors from the show! last year it was the xo from the show (which i mentioned here), this year its one of the human cylons. the funny thing is that brains doesnt even know the names of the actors, just the names of the characters... but he sure does want to meet them!
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Captainbananapants said...

I think I'd get excited about meeting that guy too!