dont i know you?

in place of all the comic book company booths they had isles of tables with celebrities signing autographs. many of them were pretty minor celebrities, but there were some recognizable names there too!
brains, who is a big fan of 'battlestar galactica' almost wet himself when he realized that edward james almos and michael hogan were there! (they are both from that show). after much deliberation, he finally decided to get michael hogan's autograph. we was really excited because he got to shake his hand (twice!!!) and talk with him for a couple minutes. after the second handshake brains was a comic book convention convert! he had never been to one before and wasnt that big a comic book reader, but was just up for the experience. after his encounter with the guys from 'battlestar galactica' brains immediately said he wanted to come again next year!
(more famous people we saw there: 1, 2)

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