nerds galore!

we had a great time at the convention this year, as always. i think this is my ninth time going and each year it is a different experience. the first time i went was back in high school, my mom and dad actually let me drive all the way to the convention from grand rapids all by myself! since then every visit has been a different group of friends coming along with me. it almost always includes rex, and the rest of the ever changing roster has grown to include aaron, jeffry lee, sara, sara's brother, stephenie, and now brains. its always fun to have someone new come along, that way we get to see it each time with new eyes. this year i didn't really get that much, just a couple books, but the experience is always the best part. it was a bit disappointing to have a complete section of the con missing (comic company booths), but the artist's alley is slowly becoming my favorite part.
i'm sure we will be back again for the fun of it next year!
(more pics: check out the fun with the guys, the toys, and of course the costumes!)

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