a bit o' class

in a desperate bid to take care of some licensing stuff for teaching, i took a class a little while ago. it was my first class since college, and it wasnt too bad! the class met for just five days, monday through friday, from 8:00am til 5:00pm. friday, at the end of the day, i was done! there wasnt any homework and there wasnt a test- the perfect class!
it was actually a really good time. the woman who lead the class really had a lot to teach and i enjoyed thinking about and being challenged to improve my classroom and my curriculum. we went through many different ideas to use in the classroom, and many of them were really good and worth finding a way to include them into what we already do.
the only problem with taking the class was this: i still had to work during that week. that meant that i went in to work at midnight until 7:00am, went home, hopped in the shower, then i was off to the class. when getting out of the class i raced home and passed out in bed, sleeping until i had to go to work again at midnight. yikes! i am no longer twenty years old and don't do so well with this little sleep. there were a couple rough days there, but i managed- and didn't even fall asleep in class! the hardest part was that this schedule meant that i only got to see diana for a few brief moments each day. i'm glad its over, but i did learn a lot through the class.
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