out in force

every year our school has an auction to raise money for the year. about four years ago i was asked if i would want to offer to go play mini golf with a few students as an activity to be auctioned off. i gladly said 'sure!'. it was a big success and i was able to do it for a second year as well. unfortunately, the mini golf place closed down a couple years ago, so we had to think of something else to do. i figured 'hey, i like movies, lets invite anyone who wants to go see the movie with myself and the local youth pastor ken!' last year we went to go see 'journey to the center of the earth 3D' and it was a huge success again. this year we offered the same deal and we went to go see 'g-force 3D'. there were a bunch of kids who signed up, so off we went recently and had a great time! after the movie we went to dairy queen for a little ice cream. the kids had a good time and i'm sure we will be doing it again next year!

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