neil jammin' it

the way the convention floor is set up is that it is broken down into three sections: the first section has booths for comic book companies (which was actually missing this year and was instead replaced by a section for celebrities at tables talking to and signing things for fans), the second section is where they have all the retail booths, where different retailers from around the area come and sell their comic books and other related merch. the third section, and my new favorite, is what's affectionately called 'artist's alley'. its a bunch of people who actually work in the comic book field making comics for the big publishers or independent ones from their own homes.
one guy who makes comics on his own is neil fitzpatrick. he makes his own book called 'neil jam'. now, rex and i have a little history with this book. at one of the very first conventions we ever went to we picked up a free copy of this 'neil jam' comic, it was just sitting on the 'free' table on the way out, so we grabbed it. on the way home we pulled it out and read it through and fell in love! the style is totally cartoony with funky blacked out eyes. the strip itself was a lot of fun, but rex and i soon discovered was that the best way to enjoy 'neil jam' is frame by frame! if you take one frame at a time and look at it out of context it becomes so much funnier!!!
well, ever since then, rex and i have always loved that book ever since. we still, ten years later, reference it often. and this year at the comic con we were innocently wandering through the artist's alley and out of the corner of my eye i see it: neal jam!!! i literally shrieked with excitement, grabbed rex and feverishly pointed to the booth! we were both in excited shock to see it that we ran over to the both and gushed our story to the book's creator. he was a bit surprised by the whole thing, but happy to see us too. we both frantically pulled out our wallets and bought everything he had published since then. looking through he new stuff on the way home rex and i were not disappointed at all, the new stuff is just as fun out of context!
thank you neil, you made our day- definitely the high light of the comic con for me!
check out these out of context panels of 'neil jam' (which i am now calling and officially coining the term 'neil jammers') and you will agree with us about how much fun it is to enjoy the comic frame by frame!

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