love and fear of poco

here's the thing: my nieces and nephew love our dog. they talk about him constantly, they are always asking questions about him, asking us when they get to see him next. they even always add him to the list when when do their prayers. there's just one problem: they are all deathly afraid of him! every time diana and i bring them around, they get totally freaked out! they aways refuse to touch him, and are rarely willing to get within five feet of him! during this visit we brought poco out to sandy pines, we even had him around during sunday dinner. the kids still refused to get anywhere near him. finally we had calmed them down enough to give it a try and actually touch him. it took about twenty minutes, but all three of them eventually petted poco. their bravery didn't last long because soon after they were right back to being scared of him!
(more pics)

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