con again

the con is on! we got there only about an hour after they opened, got in line, and got our tickets. it was a bit of a contrast from the year before. last year there was an excess of people there- they even had huge lines got get in set up in an overflow room with several hundred people waiting to buy tickets. this year we walked up and were next in line.
there was definitely a change in the convention from last year to this year. i'm not sure if that was due to the economy, or if that was due to the change over from the event being run by wizard to it just being a generic comic book convention. one of the biggest differences was the fact that there was no comic book company prescience. every year in the past we would walk into the convention floor and see huge booths for marvel, dc, image, dark horse, and dozens more. at each booth there would be free posters, upcoming comic books, previews of new superhero models and toys, sometimes even people dressed as the company's heroes for photo ops with the fans. this year there was absolutely none of that! there were no booths at all for any of the comic book companies- quite a shock!
at least there were still crazy attendees dressed up in costumes!
(more pics)

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