catching up with dad

recently we spent a weekend in diana's old stomping grounds visiting her family and friends. we have gone up and visited my family and friends often enough, now it was time to see hers!
we spent our weekend at her sister's place but went out to see everyone else most of the time we were there. we met up with miranda at home depot and went out for dinner with her (to my favorite: hacienda!). diana was really excited to see her- it had been a long time since they were able to catch up face to face. miranda was really excited about the upcoming trip to seattle and the alaskan cruise she and her family were going on, so we got to hear all about the plans and fun in store for them!
the next day we met up with her dad at the art studio he runs. we checked out some of the new art he is exhibiting, and then went to olive garden to sit, eat, and talk. it was really good to see him again, we had only seen him once since the wedding. he was doing well, and sporting a beard! that night we went back to barbara's place and i crashed in bed super early. i must have been more worn out than i thought cause i went straight to bed around 9:00pm when we got back!
(more pics)

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