the boys are back in town

its that time of year again, folks. that most nerdy time of year when the guys come down and visit me and we attend the chicago comic con and spend a day among the unwashed comic book nerd masses! this year jeffry lee, rex, and brains (he told me his real name, but no one ever used it, so i quickly forgot it...) came down. i had never met brains before, but rex and jeffry lee went to college with him and said we would get along great. they were right. the guys arrived around 9:00pm or so, just in time to bring in their stuff, say hi to diana, and then race off to see a movie! i guess the already nerdy plans of going to a comic book convention werent enough, i guess we also had to go and see 'g i joe' friday night to prove that we are lame. i sat next to jeffry lee and brains, so even though the movie royally sucked, at least the three of us got to make jokes and laugh about it!
(more pics)

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