cutting brains

its that time once again, boys and girls! its time for comic con! the guys and i have been going to this thing for years now, and its become an annual tradition at this point- its assumed that we will go. well, this year brains tried to play hardball and said he wasnt going to go. he gave some excuse about having to move the next weekend and needing to pack or something. well, we werent having it! so i lured him in with the promise of a free haircut! dont worry, i got diana's permission to offer her haircutting services (i may have gotten that permission after i offered it, i cant remember...) well, either way it worked! so jeffry lee, rex, and brains all came down friday night for a weekend of nerdy fun. we grabbed a bite to eat at sneaky and then diana worked her magic. she turned brains from a hairy unsightly beast into the handsome gentlemen you see here. now that is magic!
(more pics)

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