wet day, dry wall

and its back to mom and david's on this rainy day to work on their bathroom! fortunately the rain didnt slow us down too much since we were planning on working inside the whole time anyway. last time we had gotten everything ready for the next step: dry wall. we installed the ceiling fan/light and began the meticulous step of measuring and remeasuring so that we could make the holes in the dry wall. as we began working i took great heed of my dad's advice in such matters. he always says 'measure twice, cut once'. wise words, papa, wise words. well, we started with the ceiling piece, and much to my surprise, it fit perfectly! we then tackled the easier walls, meaning the walls with no holes needed, and everything seemed to fit pretty well. the hardest wall was the one with all the stuff on it- we had to be extra careful of our measurements! there were seven holes that needed to be cut in the south wall of the bathroom, making room for the medicine cabinet, the electrical plugs, the sink pipes, the toilet pipes, and the strange sewer pipe that stuck out too far in three places... for most of them i actually did make sure that i measured twice! i measured it all, drew it on the dry wall, we cut the holes and brought it in. we were both very delighted that all the holes fit where they were supposed to be! now with the hardest part done, we moved on to the last of the dry wall. david planned on covering the bottom four feet of the dry wall with bead board, so we began working on that. we finished up the difficult south wall with all the holes, and once again the piece fit just right! papa would be so proud of me! we measured out and cut some of the other bead board pieces, but by then it was getting toward the end of the day, so we wrapped it up. next time i go there we should be able to finish up the walls, paint them, and even begin putting in the fixtures and moulding! man, there is a real sense of accomplishment with a home renovation project. i cant wait to see the finished product: a new bathroom rebuilt all the way from the wall studs up.
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

David can't go on enough about what a hard worker and good handy-man you are! I wonder if your expertise spans changing shower heads?
Very cleaver title too!