back to work

i'm back for my weekly trip to mom and davids to help out with some work. soon after i got there we got busy finishing up the lawn work we started last week. david wanted to make a little path with steps on the side of the garage, but there were a couple plants in the way. i got busy digging them up and replanted them in a nice spot near the back of the garage where they will hopefully continue to grow in peace. i measured out the places to put the patio stones and made two steps, filled in the mulch around them, and presto! a new walkway! next on the agenda was figuring out why the boat's batteries couldnt hold a charge. i pulled out the four super heavy batteries and loaded them in davids truck. we went to a local battery seller and had him test them all. one of them was low and seemed to be draining all the rest of them. we replaced that one and put them back in. hopefully that was the problem (any other problem will cost significantly more to fix...). after a bit more lawn work, it was time to get back inside and get the bathroom ready! together david and i tried to make some sense of what the previous owner had done. after we realized there was no logic to the current wiring/ceiling, i tore it all out so we could start fresh. we then framed out the ceiling so it could support dry wall and the new light and bathroom fan. we framed out a few more things, including the medicine cabinet and extra lighting. it was a good productive visit, and next time we will really get that room looking good!

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