my big day

i dont really feel old, but my drivers licence would probably disagree with me on that one... (yes, that is my actual drivers licence photo). when i woke up this morning, which felt like every other morning, there was one big difference: i am now 31 years old. i still feel like i'm pretty young yet, and i'm sure that i am. 31 isnt that old, i say that now, but when i was 25 years old, 31 sure seemed old!
anyway, birthdays arent as big of a deal as you get older, i didnt want any sort of birthday party or anything, instead i just wanted a fun evening with my wife. and thats exactly what we did! we got to do a few of my favorite things: we wondered around a used movie store for about a half hour (and diana didnt even complain once- certainly a birthday gift from her!), then we went to my favorite place to eat: the chinese buffet! yum, i love me some sneaky! then we went to go see a really good movie! after the movie we even went and got ice cream together. now thats a great birthday to me! we got to do everything i wanted to do, and diana really enjoyed herself too (granted, that might be mostly due to the ice cream at the end of the night...)

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Captainbananapants said...

Sounds lovely.... I'm still buying you shots next time I see you