bathroom teardown

i really didnt want to go back to stocking shelves on the late shift at the local grocery store this summer. the first summer i did it wasn't too bad, but last summer stocking shelves i wanted to gouge my eyes out from boredom. i made the promise at the end of last summer that i wasnt going to do that again, and so i didnt. but then what do i do? thats the question i was asking myself last time we were at mom and davids place. david answered 'well, why dont you work for me? we have tons of jobs around the house that are too big for me to do alone, i could use the extra set of hands'. well now, that sounds like a great idea! so i took him up on his offer and began helping out soon after. this weekend we were at their place for an extended stay so i could help for a few days. monday morning i got to work! they have a couple bathrooms that they have been needing to redo, due to water damage and the like, so i began cleaning them out. david had already started and gotten all the fixtures out of there, i took over from there and tore it down to the studs. it was hard work, but i was happy to do it! that week i cleared out the two bathrooms, cleaned and (partially) organized the garage, and began tearing out some of the overgrown shrubs, plants, and weeds that they wanted removed. it was really hard work- i think i sweat off about three gallons of sweat a day, but it felt really good to have accomplished so much! i'll be back next week for more!

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