sister's keeper

we always love it when sis comes and visits!!! barbara, our semi-regular house guest came by and we had a blast! diana really wanted to go shopping, but since i'm not much fun in that regard, she was ecstatic that her sister came over. we went down to the mall in merrillville and grabbed a bite to eat, then the girls flew like a whirlwind through the mall! i opted to chill out at the borders in the mall and just sit back and thumb through a stargate sg-1 novel (it was stargate sg-1 book 13 called 'hydra' for those who are interested. which i'm sure is everyone...). about three hours later they came back with bags in each hand! we headed back home and chilled out for the night, ordered pizza and watched a movie- it was a ton of fun!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

Love pictures! (And SG-1 info)