sandy 4th

sunday morning we joined the family for a hot service at the sandy pines chapel. when we got back the kids stopped by to cause a ruckus (which am always up for!) as the day went on the girls went to the beach (again), and i made a quick drive home to check on the dog and let him out in the back yard for a run. when i got back everyone was just getting back from the water. the preparations were now underway for the big grill out that mom and dad were planning! they had the whole gang of their friends over and everything. the guys had said that they might come out to sandy pines as well, but that didnt exactly pan out, so instead i invited freddie and his mom (who also has a place out at sandy pines) to join us for the grill out. they accepted and we were delighted that they joined us! it was really cool to spend some time with just freddie (ok, i guess it wasnt just him since his mom was there too...) and just hang out. i hope they felt comfortable and had a good time, because we sure did!
that night we joined the kids for the 4th of july fireworks that they always have out at sandy pines. it was great because this year, unlike last year, the kids stayed right by us and enjoyed the fireworks with us on our blanket! there were many oohs and aahs and bangs! aves made sure she had ear plugs this time so she wouldnt be so scared of the loud ones!
(more pics)

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Thanks again for the invite!