4th flea

somehow i convinced diana to get up on time saturday morning. forgoing sleep is not something that she does very willingly, so i was very grateful! we got to sandy pines in time to join everyone on the way to the flea market. they have these about three or four times through out the summer and i just love them! i always have, going all the way back to when i was about 10 and i would tag along with mom and dad and often my cousin jeff to see what kind of junk people were trying to get rid of that week. well, that tradition is alive and well in the jill's three kids! i walked with bubba around the flea market and he kept pulling me forward. the booth he wanted to get to was at the end of the circle, so he really wanted to get there fast! i, as his uncle, would of course go as slowly as possible, often stopping to look at things that i knew he wouldnt like at all 'hey bub, check out this water softener kit!' 'uncle mark, can we PLEASE go!'
(more pics)

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