me vs. the weeds

well, tuesday came and so i headed back to mom and david's in south bend to get back to work! i packed up my stuff and got there bright and early ready to get some work done. soon after i got there i went straight to work: this time there was a bit of lawn work to do! i spent the next two days in a wrestling grudge match with some pretty big weeds! by the time it was over, i'm pretty sure i won... i think. actually, my sweat might have been enough to drowned them anyway! the overgrown plants that had invaded the landscaping around the garage was sent packing! we layed down some mulch and made some great plans of where we go from there. a lot was taken care of, and next time its back inside to get crackin' on that bathroom remodeling!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

Please show us some pictures of your sweat Mark, you talk about it enough I'm really starting to get interested. lol! The yard really does look great though - the sweat and tears are worth it. You'll be able to aford the boat ticket for your Dutch wife to come to America in no time!