goodbye ali

with another school year finished, one teacher is leaving us this year. ali, the science teacher and a good friend, is moving to oregon. its where she is originally from, and where her new husband jeremy is from too. i guess when they got married it was only a matter of time before they got the itch to move back closer to family. diana and i were just hoping that it wouldnt be six months after they got married... she felt the same pull that i did when i left salt lake city: her sisters started having babies and wanted to be there to see them grow up. i did the same, once jill and timmy had bubba, i knew it was time to move closer to home (granted, i'm still two hours away, but thats a bit better than twenty five hours away...).
after school got out diana and i invited ali out for lunch to see her one last time. we hung out with her and jeremy a few times and were looking forward to having another couple as close friends, but the draw of nieces is just too strong! i cant blame her, but we will miss her. good luck, ali and jeremy!

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