family outlet

since papa had the week off, he and mom decided to invite us to michigan city with them to do a little shopping at the outlet mall there. we joined them in the late morning and wandered around the mall for a few hours with them, picking out clothing for a pretty good price. papa and mom were very generous and gave us a little something to spend while we were there- diana was really excited about that! for her that means new clothes! while mom and diana were checking out the deals, papa and i got to sit down at an outdoor table and have a really great conversation. we talked about life, the universe, and everything. i always love it when papa and i can have a good deep honest conversation- thats what a good dad is for, right? well, thats why my dad is such a good one!
after the shopping was done we went and had a great dinner together and we all ate too much. now that sounds like a perfect day to me!


Anonymous said...

Very fun day - we will have to try that again sometime!! Mom

Captainbananapants said...

Diana looks so excited to be approaching the outlet mall in that picture! As, no doubt, she was!