smooth sailing

one of the staple of going to mom and david's house is the boat ride. you almost cant go there without one! well, we were there for four days, so we got quite a few! the girls went on a lot more than i did since i was busy working all day around the house, but the girls got to enjoy swimming and many boat rides (they did a lot of shopping too...). its always a peaceful and relaxing time going out on the water. one of the times i even put on a bathing suit and we went to the middle of the lake and jumped in off the boat! we swam and splashed around for a while, but then i called it quits. diana and barbara were not done yet, the opted to swim the rest of the way back to the dock- which was more than half way across the lake! yikes! diana sure is an excellent swimmer, she made it the whole way without any floaties or fins on her feet.
by the way, doesnt diana look so beautiful in this picture?!? careful, thats MY wife, mister!
(more pics)


Anonymous said...

YES she does!!!

Captainbananapants said...

We need to get a little tiny life jacket for Poco. Or we could just half inflate a water wing and stick him in there!