everyone's invited

diana and i planned for a nice long weekend at her mom and david's house. we got there sunday after church and soon found out that everyone else had been invited too! aunt gayle and uncle denny spent the weekend there, and soon after we arrived grandma and bill came by, and so did barbara, their dad, grandma allen, and miranda and levi- oh my! what we thought would be just a simple sunday afternoon turned into a huge get together, and we all had a blast! david grilled up some hamburgers and brats and all of us enjoyed the good food and the good weather! some of the girls went into the water and swam for a bit, and we all took turns going for rides around the lake on the boat. it was really cool to see everyone together- it felt like there should have been a holiday or something to celebrate, considering all the family that was around, but it was just all of us celebrating a beautiful summer weekend!
(more pics)

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