marv padding

about a year ago my uncle marv was diagnosed with cancer. he was given 2 months to live. it was very sad, but he wasnt done fighting! about a month after his diagnosis he started to recover. he was never quite at full strength, but he was able to live happily. unfortunately, on may 26 he lost his battle with cancer. God called him back home where he can now live forever without pain. we love you uncle marv, and miss you!
an amazing story about his passing: the week before he had been complaining about back problems, so that morning he went in to the hospital to have them take a look. the doctors told him that his organs were shutting down and there was nothing they could do. he decided he did not want to die in a hospital, so he and his wife headed back home. their two kids, tammy and tim, both met them at the house along with the grandkids. marv spent his final hours talking and sharing his love for all of them. he grew tired and fell asleep. just as he passed, there was a single thundering boom from the otherwise clear skies. nick, his grandson, said 'grandpa's gone to see God now'. thirty miles away my parents were outside and heard the thunder off in the distance and wondered where it had come from because there was hardly a cloud in the sky! it was a good, blessed life, uncle marv, and we will see you again soon in glory!

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