a memorial tradition

as happens every year, mom and papa invite over the whole gang for a memorial day dinner! its always nice to see everyone, i know mom and papa spend all summer with these people, but for diana and i this is usually the only chance we get to see them all year!
i tell you what, the past couple years its been a lot more fun and comfortable at these get togethers. before diana and i were together i would often feel awkward at these things because it seemed like everyone else was married with children and i was still going solo. i know thats not exactly true, not everyone was married or had kids or anything, but it sure felt like it to me!
anyway, it was a great time together. we had tacos this year, i guess papa decided not to show off his superior grilling skillz this time. it always makes everyone else jealous anyway, so it was probably a good idea to keep that spatula in its holster...

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