the flea

one of the highlights of memorial weekend at sandy pines is the saturday morning flee market! diana and i made sure we were up and ready to join everyone there in the morning. when we arrived we met up with tim, jill, and the kids. before we even got going, i gave each of the kids a dollar and told them to spend it however they wanted (yes, i am angling to be their favorite uncle, and i think this puts me in the lead!) as we wandered around we checked out everything that was there, including cute puppies, cheap shirts, even cheaper dvds, and some cool kids sunglasses! jill got each of the kids a pair so they could be stylin' all summer. the girls used their money on the duck game and a bubba somehow parlayed it into a couple more dollars (what can i say, i want that 'favorite uncle' position!), and got a new toy that he really wanted. diana got 8 new shirts and a few dvds and i ended up with nothing. well, except a couple happy nieces and one very happy nephew!

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