salon delux

she got a job! diana graduated from cosmotology school back in february, a dream she had wanted to follow since she first got out of high school. after a couple weeks she took her licensing exam to become a professional and passed it with 98% (i know, i was embarrassed for her too, how could she miss those last two percent?!?). she as soon as we knew she had been issued a license, she went out and applied to a bunch of different salons. it took about 1 day for her to get a call back! she went in for an interview and got the job- praise God! she now works at salon delux, which is about 10 minutes from home! (i couldnt find a website for them, but they do have a page on facebook, which you can check out here). she is really excited about it because she starts out as an assistant, working her way up to full time hair stylist. that is exactly what she wanted, she hoped to start somewhere and be able to observe and learn for a bit until she felt confident in her skills to take on her own clients. she started a couple weeks before memorial weekend and has been really enjoying it! the girls she works with are really nice and are quickly becoming good friends!
this process of schooling and getting a job has been a year and a half in the making, so to see diana find a good job with good people is truly a blessing from God! i'm sure she will be a stylist before we know it! congratulations, diana!

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