those who can, teach

as a teacher, i always love to talk with and support other teachers. well, it just so happens that my aunt marlene (my dad's sister) is a fellow teacher. well, was a fellow teacher! this year she is retiring and had an open house at her school to celebrate. diana and i made a point of making sure that we could come up that weekend to see her and celebrate her wonderful career! we got there and got to see all of my dad's family there to support her. my uncle and aunt from virginia were even in town for it! (granted, that might be because their daughter who lives in grand rapids had a baby the day before...) we got to congratulate marlene, and even got to wander around in her room, which was fun to see because she was a kindergarten teacher so she had tons of stuff around her room (remember 'the letter people'?!?)
well done, marlene! i hope i am still as sane as you are after 35 years of this teaching thing...
(more pics)

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