the pink bible

diana got a bible a while ago which she really loved. she would bring it to church each week and follow along. the only problem with is is that its a different translation that what we use in church, so she would always be frustrated when she would try to follow along. one of the things she has been wanting is the NIV version of the bible so she can follow along better in church and for her own reading.
knowing this, i took the opportunity to get her an NIV bible for her birthday! i kind of wanted to get it for her and have her unwrap it and be surprised, but i know how particular she can be at times, so i figured it would be a better idea for her to pick her own bible.
we recently went to the family christian bookstore and she got to spend a half hour or so looking for just the right edition! she picked the pink one, which came as a shock to no one... when we went up to the counter i asked them to emboss her name on the cover as well. when it was done diana was quite pleased! now she and i have matching bibles with our names on them! she was very excited and has been devouring it ever since- she reads a half dozen chapters a night!

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Captainbananapants said...

Now all you guys need are matching monogramed tech vests and you'll be the nerdiest couple alive! :o) Much love!