friendly fire

saturday night diana and i went to go spend some time with the guys. i had been talking with jeffry lee for a week or two trying to plan something out. we talked with freddie and decided to have a campfire at his place. well, one thing lead to another, and for some reason i still dont understand, jeffry lee had to back out, but diana and i still headed over to freddie's for the fire. when we got there everyone else was already there enjoying the fire. freddie, rex and aaron were there with keith and brains and his wife. we didnt realize that all these people would be here, so we were quite surprised to see everyone there! the night was spent chatting and catching up with everyone. we spent the night trying to get brain's dog away from the gummy bears, hear brains strum out any requests on his guitar (no U2 though, due to some strange dislike brains has...). the best part of the night, to me, was when brains and i rattled on for 20 minutes or so discussing stargate! freddie and keith later tried to be as cool as us by talking about star wars. nerds.
(more pics)

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