notre game

recently diana and i went to a notre dame football game. 'why on earth would you go to a notre dame football game?' you might be asking yourself confusedly. and that would be a very good question considering how little i like sports.
the reason we were there is because we were invited to join a couple of diana's friends, sara and vince, to the 'blue and gold' game at notre dame. the real draw wasnt really the game, the real draw was the tailgating before the game! i havent actually ever been to a tailgater for a sporting event (shocker, no?), and diana and i had the day free, so we agreed. the game started at 1:00pm, but they were going to be out there in the parking lot by 7:00am! yikes! we certainly werent up for getting there that early, the hour drive and extra hour time change kind of forced our hand on that one... but we did join them by around 10:00am. we got there and everyone was having a great time, playing games on the sidewalk, chowing down, and enjoying some adult beverages. diana and i didnt know anyone at all except sara and vince, but that didnt stop us from having a great time! we did a lot of walking (since the closest bathroom was about 1/4th mile away...) and chatting with sara and vince's friends. when the game started we found seats but only stuck around the stadium for about a half hour, then it was back out to the grill for some brats and more fun!
i think we might have to join them again next year!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

So jel! I wish I could have gone too! Looks like you guys had fun.