come on down!

recently diana and i took membership classes at our new church. our families were very excited for us and wanted to come out and be there for the welcoming service. our church has two services on sunday and one on saturday night. we were asked to come to as many as possible to be welcomed by the congregation. we figured it would work great for the family to come out saturday afternoon and we could go to church that evening with them and they could still get home at a reasonable hour. they thought that was a great idea, but tim and jill thought the kids might want to stay a bit longer, make a weekend out of it! we were excited about the idea, and asked them to come down friday evening and spend the night.
we live in a duplex and rent out the other half but as it turned out, the other half was currently empty- so we invited them to sleep over on that side and save some money on a hotel room! they were all for that idea and headed on down!

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