work married

diana has been working a lot lately at her salon. right now she is an assistant, mostly helping out with customers getting their hair colored and washed, but is working up to be a full time stylist. since she is always getting her hands dirty with colorant and shampoo, she often takes her wedding ring off to do her work. the problem is she hates to take it off but is worried about getting color in the jewel fixtures or loosing it when its in her pocket.
well, as the husband of a really cute girl, i dont really want her taking it off either- thats just asking for other opportunistic men to swoop in and try and flirt with her! so, recently we went to the jewelry store and got her a nice little ring for her to wear when she is working so that she can still be a proud wife, but also wont damage her fancy wedding ring. we went and looked at all the jewelers (which was about 7 of them...) and diana thought i had done so well in picking out her engagement ring, that she let me pick out the work replacement ring too. she was very pleased with my choice and has been loving it ever since. now we are not only married, but we are now officially 'work married' as well!
(more pics)

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