remember the time?

on the way home from diana's parents place, diana and i got talking about the good old days: college. granted, we didn't know each other then, but we both really enjoyed hearing about those times. when we got home we both dug out our old journals to continue our night of nostalgia. she grabbed her journals, i grabbed my old sketchbooks, which i often used as a journal as well. we spent the night going through those things, sharing the little nuggets and treasures we found along the way. she shared some of her stories of hard times and difficult moments, and also the little joys and her growing independence. i shared the old drawings i had made during those challenging nights, and the illustrations that represented the great times away from home. i dont think either one of us realized how time was flying, we were both caught up in the moments that we had made it through. finally we looked at the clock and it was 4:30am! through all the stories and writings we both remembered who we were, and we each also got a glance at who the other was. a chance to reflect and be reminded of what we once were drew us closer and gives who we are now even deeper meaning.
it was a magical night, the kind i had always longed for when i first wrote those words and drew those pictures in my sketchbook all those years ago. who i was and who i am looks forward to spending who i will be with the most amazing girl i've ever met. sometimes you have to look to the past to realize how bright the future has become. our love for each other grew that night, it grew closer as we now grow together.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome night Mark & Diana!!

Captainbananapants said...

Failed to mention you guys polished off a bottle of scotch at the same time! :o)