saturday morning cartoons!

jill had told me that in the morning bubba likes to wake up early. shoot. but she also said that he comes up and watches saturday morning cartoons and can do it all by himself so that way i can stay sleeping a bit longer if i want to. phew! well, saturday morning came rolling around and bubba comes to my bedroom door ready to watch cartoons. instead of telling him he can watch in the living room i invite him to come and join me and watch them on the tv in the bedroom im staying in- he was super excited! when each of the girls woke up they came in and joined us too! for about an hour we just laid in bed and watch cartoons together. it was so comfortable and so cute! it is a memory that i will always treasure.
i tried to get a picture of the three of them in bed watching cartoons, but bubba didnt want to be in the picture, so he quickly hopped out of bed- which then resulted in a silly playful wrestling match between him and i!

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