buckaroo rodeos

once i got the kids back home from sandy pines then it was time for bed. the kids know the routine, which was helpful because i didn't! first they eat a flintstones vitamin, then brush their teeth, then i read them a short story, then its off to bed for the girls!
i put aves in her crib and tweets in her bed giving them 'just five minutes' to play with the light on before it was night-night time. then i went down to bubbas room with him and tucked him in. he wanted me to read him a couple pages from a science and wildlife book that he has (what a curious little guy, huh?). we said our prayers, he turned on his bed lamp and i turned off the room lights. now, back up to the girls and tell them to pack it up. prayer time for each of them, aves gets her fan turned on, tweets gets her night light and cd player turned on. off go the lights, and soon after off go the kids into dreamland!
(more pics)

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