kids and shake

after we spent some time playing with the new toys it was time for dinner. i planned that we would go out for dinner, figuring that the kids might be sick of the house after spending all day inside. we gathered up our stuff (aves insisted that brenda come along too) and hit the road.
i remember seeing signs that steak and shake lets kids eat free on the weekends. i wasnt sure if there was some sort of catch, but i figured we would go and find out! we got there and ordered our food. the kids each got something from the kids menu, but what really caught their eye was the pictures of the different shakes they had. we picked a couple of them that we could all share and ordered two shakes as well. when the food came the kids were excited about the shakes and actually finished them! bubba and aves did a good job of cleaning their plates of food too, but tweets didn't really care about her hot dog- she was too excited about the shake! over all the kids did surprisingly well at the restaurant, behaving themselves and staying fairly clean. when it was time to go i went up to the register and wouldnt you know it? the kids were all free! the grand total only came to around 13 bucks. not bad- it would have cost more than that if we had gone to mcdonalds!
(more pics)

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