after the kids got up from their nap on saturday i had a little surprise for them. i knew if i came for the weekend empty handed the kids might be disappointed, so diana and i went to the dollar store the night before i came. we found a little something for each of the three kids and now it was time for them to get their prizes!
i sat the kids down on the couch, went to the car to get the bag of stuff. when i came back i started by telling them that aunt diana and i picked these things out, and if they didn't like them we were sorry. i then proceeded to give each of the kids their gifts: bubba got a new transformer, tweets got a big purple disney princess ball to bounce on, and aves got a stick horsey that made horse noises to ride! bubba and tweets loved their gifts, but aves was really disappointed in hers. bubba tore into the transformer package and got to work changing it, we blew up tweets bouncy and she bounced around the living room. aves through down the horse, laid on the floor and covered herself with her blanket. poor girl! i went under the blanket with her and talked with her for a bit apologizing that she didn't like the gift. i gave it one more try, holding the horse and telling how much fun she could have with it. she still wasnt convinced. i then asked her if she wanted to name the horse. she said ok and we both decided on the name 'brenda'. after that point she changed her mind and decided she liked brenda now, and carried it around with her the rest of the weekend!
(videos of the girls playing with their gifts: tweets, aves)

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