adventures in babysitting

at the beginning of the summer my sister and brother in law asked us if we could babysit for them for a weekend in august when they were planning to go on a mini vacation with all of tims family (except kids of course). we said sure! we would love to. as the weekend got closer we began to realize that diana wasnt going to be able to take the time off- it fell on a weekend where she had to work saturday. oops. no problem, i thought, i'll just go and watch the three kids myself!
everything turned out all right and we had a great time. i had finished working at the grocery store just a couple days before, so i was able to go friday morning and take the kids at noon, when tim and jill had to leave.
i got there on time and the three kids waved off their mom and dad. then it hit me: i was in charge of these kids for the next three days! yikes! now that they were gone, it was time to get down to it: lets play! we played around with play-doh, transformers, and other fun stuff for an hour or so, then it was time for a nap. by then i could use one too!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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