the sis n' nick

i always love to surprise diana, and apparently so does her sister! at the beginning of last week i got a text from barbara that said that she wanted to stop by and surprise diana by showing up at her school and getting a hair cut! unfortunately it didnt work out due to work, but she and nick decided to come and see us anyway! they came friday evening to spend a few hours with us. it was only the second time barbara has ever come to visit, and the first time nick has ever been to our place- we were both very excited to have them here!
soon after they arrived, we headed out to eat. we had a great time catching up with them- diana is always filled with a brighter shade of joy when her sister is around!
when we got back diana wasnt feeling so good, but the rest of us watched the infamous florida music video and had some good laughs at my expense. later diana gave her sister a hair cut, which looked really good! we sat and talked till much too late, but diana didn't seem to mind that she had school the next day.
(more pics: 1, 2)

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