a friendly visit

after the kids had gone to bed it was time for me to have a little fun. i was hoping to see the guys while i was home, but since i couldnt really go anywhere with the kids asleep, the guys came to me!
around 10pm rex, aaron, jeffry lee, and freddie all stopped by after they saw a movie and had dinner. they came over and we got to hang out for a while and talk. it had been a while since i saw all of them together, so it was a ton of fun chatting for a few hours. i'm sure it comes as a surprise to no one, but our conversation soon turned to nerdier topics like comic books and movies. freddie, jeffry lee and rex were all interested and we had a lot to share on the topics. aaron on the other hand, was bored quickly... as we were going on about this and that he decided it was time to cash out. but since he caught a ride with jeffry lee, he was stuck! he soon started nodding off on the couch. the rest of us didnt really notice right away because we were busy amusing ourselves with conversation. eventually (around 2:00am) we decided to give aaron a break and call it quits for the night. i invited them back again for saturday night and they actually took me up on it! (well, except aaron. i cant imagine why...). so saturday night they showed up again and we had a blast. that time we pulled out some cards and played euchre till the wee hours of the morning! it was pretty cool of the guys to accommodate me and come to tim and jills house two nights in a row. now thats some good friends!

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