lawn work: edging

i cant quite explain why, but for some reason i had the desire to do some lawn work. this is very unlike me, first of all, i usually try and shy away from anything that involves: a) being outside, b) the sun, c) lawn work, d) physical activity. so choosing to do extra lawn work is quite unlike me! for some reason i decided to edge the lawn. i was walking poco and saw a bunch of other lawns edged and thought it looked really nice, so i wanted to do the same to our lawn. i started with my driveway, worked my way down to the road, then went down the sidewalk. the driveway looks amazing! i think i added at least 8-12 inches on each side of the driveway. it had probably been five years since i last did this, so the lawn had crept in during that time and ate up almost a foot of driveway on each side. it looks so much better now and we have so much room to park now!
(more pics)

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