labor day weekend

over the labor day weekend diana had to work saturday, but we packed up and headed home to see my family saturday night. sunday morning we went to church out and sandy pines, which was great! (every year they have rev. rog vander kolk, a retired pastor who is just about the greatest preacher i've ever heard, so i was delighted that we got to hear him this year!).
we went back to the trailer and hung out for a bit, then it was lunch time! we had a simple lunch because we knew we were having a huge grill out together that night. everyone was doing well, mom and my sister were getting pumped for their visit to washinton state the next weekend to see our cousin dave get married. the rest of the afternoon we hung out, diana went to the beach with mom, and later that afternoon diana and i went for a bike ride!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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