food folks and fun

this past weekend diana and i headed over to see her mom and david's for the day on saturday. we arrived there around 2pm and soon after we got there miranda and barbara pulled in. we helped get some of the food ready, cutting up veggies, peeling corn cobs, etc. by around four o'clock her dad came over and it was time to eat!
david was maning the grill, and when everything was ready we all headed out to the deck for an early dinner. the weather was perfect and the food was great. as always, it was really nice to see everyone again, and it was especially cool to have everyone there! it was diana's moms birthday, so we even got to have some cake! soon after dinner barbara had to leave to go to work and miranda had to go as well. with our bellies full, we cleaned up the mess we had made!
(more pics)

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