oily guys

i was in a bit of a bind. the car desperately needed an oil change, but of course i didnt realize this until monday, labor day, and all the oil change places were closed. argh. i know, i know, i really should know how to change it myself, but i dont. anyway, diana and i planned to spend the day cleaning mom and dad's place for them, but now i really needed to change the oil before we drove back home. then i came up with the solution: jeffry lee to the rescue!!! i gave him a call and fortunately he was doing some car stuff already, so i drove over and he was willing to give my car an emergency oil change! thank you thank you thank you, you are a life saver! dinner and a couple rounds are on me, big guy!


Captainbananapants said...

There's no problem in not knowing how to change your own oil - that's what oil changing places are for! But not knowing to CHECK your oil.... :o)

Mary said...

Amen to that CHECKING business!!!!