the first hundred

its a big year for us at work. the school i work at is celebrating its one hundred year anniversary! founded in 1909, its been growing ever since. all this year we are having special celebrations and events to recognize the big milestone our school has achieved. earlier this year they had a grand fireworks display to commence the start of the year, and this past week we had a special dinner. all the faculty was invited, so i went and diana came along as well! she doesnt mind all the school stuff i do and actually seems to enjoy it! we dressed up a bit and headed out. when we arrived we had a hard time finding a seat, but eventually found four seats together so we could sit with ali and jeremy. also, at our table was a parent of one of my students, and her father who, coincidentally, happened to be one hundred years old! (no, i am not making that up- what are the chances, huh?!?)
we ended up having a great time enjoying the food and chatting. after dinner there was a little 'history of the school' quiz (this was shocking to me: it wasnt until the 41st year of the school before they enrolled their first non-dutch student! ha!), and then a christian comedian came on and performed for us.
(more pics)

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